Who we are

Welcome - it's great that you have found your way to our urban art gallery to buy online urban art artwork. Let me first of all introduce myself, as the head of the online gallery. My name is Andrew. I was born in 1970 in Sydney and have been passionately working with urban art for many years. By opening my own gallery with a focus on urban art, graffiti art and street art I am fulfilling a long-held desire: I would like to make urban art, with all of its many facets, [better] known and established in Germany.

What we do

We discover and exhibit urban art, that's what we do. And we do it with enthusiasm. We have made it very easy for you to purchase our exhibits. The process is essentially arranged into three steps - we call it the "Triple A" principle:
Click it
View it
Hang it
Our pieces come with all the relevant information including costs. So at a glance you can see the investment required in order to secure one of the strictly limited exhibits. At this point it should be noted that we base our pricing policy entirely on a principle of fairness. Because it is passion for urban art - and not avarice - that drives us. Go ahead and compare our prices with the market. You'll be delighted.

Why we do what we do

On my way to becoming a passionate collector I was, over time, faced with so many problems, some of which were small, but others represented a real challenge. Imagine this for example: you find a work of art but you don't have a price. So you make the relevant inquiries. Sometimes it takes an eternity before you get an answer. Then you buy a piece and find out that it is not "in the possession" of the vendor. It takes several more weeks before you finally get your hands on it. Not to mention the nasty surprises on delivery.
Ergo: our proclaimed objective is to make your art shopping as easy and convenient as possible.
In our gallery you will be able to find out about the work, the artist and the terms.
You can order with a simple click.
You purchase your investment safely and online, for example via Paypal, and receive your order within a very short time. Because all of the works we exhibit are "in stock and ready to ship".
We of course deliver your artwork within the EU free of charge and insured. Because as well as urban art itself, our customer-orientation and perfect service concept are a high priority for us. In addition, you will benefit from purchasing at URBANART24 without risk, thanks to our fourteen-day returns policy.


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